Member Guide

The purpose of Innervision is simple: to provide best possible raiding experience for all its members. To achieve this, its members must obey the simple rules and guidelines set here. Breaking any of the rules will result in a warning and ultimately a ban.

New members

Members must write in coherent english. Language doesn't have to be perfect, but it must be good enough for others to understand.
Members must be smart enough to obey the simple rules set here.


No harrasment. This includes all kinds of begging for money and boosts. If you need or want something material, you may ask once, and very politely, if someone would be willing to help you out. Don't insist on it. In general, you should not expect material favors from your fellow members.

No spamming the guild channel. We are a friendly guild, and chatting and joking are appreciated. Keep it in limits tho. Try not to whine publicly. Whining is a sign of a weak character.

No botting. That is just lame.

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