Guild Ranks

Innervision has a new purpose-based rank system, effective 8th January 2007.


Fresh recruits of low level (<30). Recruits have no rights and their single responisibility is to level up level up as quickly as possible.

To protect the integrity of the guild and sanity of it's more established members, the guild rules are enforced especially strictly on Recruits. Failure to follow them will result in quick ban.


Established guild members below level 50 who have yet to be assigned to a Clan.

Innervision is a raid guild and sole purpose of it's members is to participate in raiding. All members are expected to level up as quickly as possible, so that they can first join a Clan at levels 50 and up, and later participate in raids. Grunts are raiders in the making!


All Raiders are members of a Clan. A Clan is a organizational unit under the command of it's respective Lieutenant.

Raiders are the flesh and blood of the guild. They are hand picked by the Lieutenants based on their class, character, level, gear, experience and skills. All Raiders are expected to show respect and practice with their fellow Clan members. And raid actively.

Raiders will carry the title of their respective Clan. A member can belong to only one Clan.


Lieutenants are Clan and raid leaders. As most talented and respected players in the guild, they command their own dedicated raid groups, aka Clans.

All Clans have up to 15 members who hold the rank of the Clan. Lieutenants had pick the Clan members and are held responsible for the performance and behaviour of the Clan members.

Lieutentants name their own Clans.


Guild officers who manage the every day tasks of the guild.


All hail our respected Warlord and guild master Misscomfort! Her duties are straight-forward: to make guild Innervision the most respected raid guild within the realm of Agamaggan!


Alternative characters of existing members.

Ranks and Clans

Innervision is first and foremost a raid guild, and ranks are assigned to provide the best raid group formation.

The elementary unit is a raid group aka Clan. Clans should raid and practice raiding together as often as possible, and as an end result operate smoothly together in both small and big raids. Lieutetants are responsible for arranging regular Clan raids.

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