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To somebody prompt shop on sales of cosmetics. I shall be rather grateful. For example <a href="">such!</a>

CharmeisterCharmeister 30 Mar 2007 16:47
in discussion Innervision / General » Quitting

I'm quitting this game, because I don't have the time to play it anymore with the load of things I need to do lately, and I've just plain lost my interest atm.

As some may know, I've already been planning on quitting for quite some time, but I've now finally decided to actually do it.

I'll miss you guys, it's a great guild, and someday I might come back, I will however be frequenting this site occasionally.


Quitting by CharmeisterCharmeister, 30 Mar 2007 16:47
Goodbye people
AgarthisAgarthis 13 Mar 2007 16:14
in discussion Innervision / General » Goodbye people

I just wanted you people to now that i will be leaving the guild as soon as i start playing some more.
I´m gonna join some high level guild.
Bye and goodluck with the guild ;)

Goodbye people by AgarthisAgarthis, 13 Mar 2007 16:14
Re: Yeah
Anonymous (77.161.75.x) 06 Mar 2007 18:42
in discussion Innervision / General » Yeah

Still very, very dead…

Re: Yeah by Anonymous (77.161.75.x), 06 Mar 2007 18:42

Alloha to you!

Re: Alloha by Anonymous (84.83.181.x), 14 Feb 2007 18:43
SzronSzron 14 Feb 2007 12:03
in discussion Innervision / General » Bank

I was thinking about Bank in ouer guild/ with recips, manuals, and many items wich can we donate to guild.

Bank by SzronSzron, 14 Feb 2007 12:03
SzronSzron 14 Feb 2007 11:59
in discussion Innervision / Meet & Greet » Alloha

Alloha to all guild :)

Alloha by SzronSzron, 14 Feb 2007 11:59

Have fun!

Hey, why haven't I got your account info?!

Re: Member Offline by CharmeisterCharmeister, 01 Feb 2007 19:24
Member Offline
ThumlingThumling 31 Jan 2007 09:23
in discussion Innervision / General » Member Offline

Hi guild, i´ll be going to Tanzania, Africa for 5 weeks. So from the 7th of February to the 14 of March I'll be offline. Buggy will be having my account info, so if you see my character online it is him.

Best Regards Thumling

Member Offline by ThumlingThumling, 31 Jan 2007 09:23
Re: Member Offline
StompzStompz 29 Jan 2007 16:03
in discussion Innervision / General » Member Offline

We have been struck by a computer problem(thats why my brother got dc when playing with buggy).

I haven´t been their and checked myself but my mom called support and they said that it might have to go on repairs,i may go to the internet café in the closest city but that won´t be often.

Until then i wish u a good time and we will see when its back to normal.


Re: Member Offline by StompzStompz, 29 Jan 2007 16:03
Re: Yeah
Anonymous (145.103.254.x) 29 Jan 2007 10:04
in discussion Innervision / General » Yeah

This is a DEAD forum…

Re: Yeah by Anonymous (145.103.254.x), 29 Jan 2007 10:04

What do you mean wit HoF's?

Re: Loot system
AmbeonAmbeon 24 Jan 2007 15:54
in discussion Innervision / General » Loot system

Hello Stompz :)
The way it works is that in a raid, someone trusted (normally raid leader) gets assigned as Master Looter.
Now before loot can be given, we will have a looting system which is called "DkP" or "Dragon Kill Points" if you like. There are many different types of DkP systems out there. And we will eventually find one fitting to our likings. When we do we will publish it out here.

But I'd Look up DkP systems and read abit about them if i were you :) and you seemed interested so.
Here's a few links, check em out mate.
DkP :) CLICK ME !!!111oneone

With regards;

Re: Loot system by AmbeonAmbeon, 24 Jan 2007 15:54
Loot system
StompzStompz 22 Jan 2007 22:55
in discussion Innervision / General » Loot system

Im as u notice very new to WoW and i was wondering how the looting system is gonna work in raids?

Hirritias told me something about a D?? system that we will probably gonna use.I recognize the word from one of my teachers that talked with a friend of my(didn´t get a thing) about my friends raiding lately.

anyway i thought u could give me some feedback on that,i need to learn everything about this game now.


Loot system by StompzStompz, 22 Jan 2007 22:55
Re: Looks
StompzStompz 22 Jan 2007 17:46
in discussion Innervision / Web » Looks

I have some friends that goes Web design as an extra class that might can give me some tips.but im no genius to web design either,im even lower then normal skills when it comes to computers,il ask and maybe get some tips but il get back to u on that.


Re: Looks by StompzStompz, 22 Jan 2007 17:46

Hey all :)

"Sonne" playing in background atm :¤
gotta love that music.

Have fun and good luck scoring those HoF's :D

Re: Hey everyone! by AmbeonAmbeon, 22 Jan 2007 16:29
Re: Looks
AmbeonAmbeon 22 Jan 2007 16:26
in discussion Innervision / Web » Looks

Good Day Raveniv :)
We are currently awaiting the coming of a web genious to appear before us so to speak.
We intend to make the guild's site more appealing eventually.
Only problem is none of us knows web design i think, so until someone shows up in guild and speaks up we're staying with it as it is unfortunately.

Re: Looks by AmbeonAmbeon, 22 Jan 2007 16:26
Re: Yeah
RavenivRaveniv 21 Jan 2007 20:27
in discussion Innervision / General » Yeah

How's it going with those ideas Hirri?

Re: Yeah by RavenivRaveniv, 21 Jan 2007 20:27
RavenivRaveniv 21 Jan 2007 20:24
in discussion Innervision / Web » Looks

Is anyone actually working on a different look for the website? Or is it just staying this way? I don't know shit about this sort of stuff, but I was just checking ;)


Looks by RavenivRaveniv, 21 Jan 2007 20:24

Hey everyone!
Guess I'll be reproting in too then!

C u all online, Rav

Re: Hey everyone! by RavenivRaveniv, 21 Jan 2007 20:22
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